Wildlife Control

As a Wildlife Control Service, I take very seriously the removal of pests and the protection of your home from recurring problems.

Your home is your castle, and I can make it a fortress.  Not only do I offer wildlife removal,  I can reinforce your home to protect against future infestations. I can also restore any damage done to your home and give you the peace of mind knowing you are secure from infestations.

Bat Removal

There are several species of bats in Washington, but regardless of the species, the bat removal procedure is the same. Dealing with bat infestations involves not only removing the bats that are there, but also protecting your home against future invasions. Bats are vital to our ecosystem, so it’s important to avoid harming them. We achieve this using one way doors on your home’s bat access points. This allows the bats in your home to leave without allowing them back in. If you need bat control, call us today for an estimate!

Rat Control

Rats are one of the most well known pests in the world. Rat control is vital to the health of your home. They can destroy your attic and crawlspace, dismantle heating ducts, trash insulation, chew on pipes and wires, and defecate everywhere. Rats are great at breeding too, making trapping or poisoning them pointless since they can breed faster than you can kill them. The key to rat removal is sealing off access points in your home. Once no new rats can get inside, we can deal with the ones inside. Because they are trapped inside, the only place they will be able to get food is my traps. Once all rats are removed and access points sealed, we can begin repairing the damage they caused. Mouse control is treated in a similar manner. If you’ve got rats in your home, call us today for rat control!

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are a fairly common pest that can destroy parts of your home. The focus on raccoon control should always be on prevention. If someone in your neighborhood is leaving pet food outside or has unsecured garbage cans you should politely ask them to remove those raccoon magnets. Once your home is sealed up, we can remove these pesky critters. Raccoon removal methods vary from situation to situation, but most commonly I will use traps, catch cable poles, or just a pair of thick gloves. Regardless of how they’re removed, the most important thing is to secure your home against future invasions. If you need raccoon control, call us today!

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