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Thank you for visiting Jack Russell Wildlife Control. I am Jack Russell Thompson. Yes, that's really my name! I am owner of the business, and a wildlife Biology graduate of Washington State University. Like my namesake, I am great at eliminating rats, and other nuisance animals invading homes. I focus on permanent guaranteed exclusions to prevent animals from getting into your house. I have details about how I handle different situations throughout the website, and how each species I handle has it's own unique challenges. If you are curious about problems with an animal not listed on the site, please send me an email or call. Obviously, I can't compile the entire PNW animal kingdom here. I have included all my most common nuisance animals.

Wildlife Removal and Control in Washington

Is Your Landscaping Inviting Unwelcome Guests?

Landscaping can be a great asset to your property, but it can also lead to problems with local wildlife. Sometimes it becomes necessary to modify and manage the habitat by changing your landscape. Over the years I have acquired the tools necessary to do all types of landscape modification jobs on all sizes of yards.

If you would like to learn more about landscaping for wildlife, please let me know! I'd love to help!

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Jack Russell - Owner

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"Excellent service, much appreciated.  Very thorough work."

- Susan R.

"Thanks for the help with my rodent problem.  I will happily be a reference any time."

- Jena R.

"I have several rental houses, and it's always a pleasure to have Jack take care of them."

- Andrea L.

"Very satisfied.  I recommend Jack to my neighbors."

- Alejandra E.

"Jack did a great job.  We have seen no new animal activity."

- Bud L.

"A very professional approach."

- JoAnne M.

"I would hire Jack for any job."

- Barrie M.

"Jack was really smart and kept up a good line of communication."

- Dana M.

"Thank you so much!  The smell is gone!"

- Mary Ann S.

"Jack knew the situation and made recommendations to solve our squirrel intrusion problem."

- Bill G.

"Jack is a great guy and a hard worker.  He should charge more."

- Stu B.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife - (WDFW)
Certified Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator
WSU - Wildlife Biologist
WSU Alumni - Wildlife Biologist

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We are your local wildlife expert and animal control service near Galvin, WA. We'll remove the pests and seal your home against future infestations. If you need wildlife removal, call us today.

We specialize in removing all types of Washington wildlife. We provide bat removal, bird control, raccoon removal, rat control, and more! Jack Russell Wildlife Control has the professional experience you need to take care of your wildlife problem. Once the pests have been removed, we seal up all the access points to your home to prevent future invasions. We can also restore any damage done to your home and give you the peace of mind knowing you are secure from infestations. Call us today.

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