wildlife habitat modification - wildlife habitat management - landscape designer

Wildlife Habitat Modification & Landscape Designer

It didn't take long in this line of work to notice that areas with a lot of overgrown bushes and shrubs were more prone to animal problems.

The rats hiding in the ivy, the raccoons in the rhododendrons, the squirrels in the old nut trees, etc. The availability of natural food and shelter from predators afforded by such flora allows for populations to exceed what is a good balance and also tends to encourage the worst types of pest animals.

Everybody loves to hear the songbirds, but nobody likes to see the rats, or worse have them end up in the house.

So, how to accomplish the best of both worlds? It comes down to habitat management.

Habitat Management = Landscape Design

Hundreds of years ago, Europe and Asia were ravaged by a horrible plague. It didn't take long for people to notice that the plague was carried by the rats, and that the rats had to be controlled. But how?

People also noticed that sheep herders had a lower rate of infection than most. Sheep, and also goats, are very harsh grazers, and trim grass down to almost bare dirt. The short grass of a sheep pasture offers no cover for rodents to avoid predators such as hawks, owls, foxes, house cats, and terrier dogs, so those rodents were afraid to cross those pastures.

Soon, having a pasture surrounding your house became a symbol of good health. That barrier of pasture around a dwelling was the birth of the manicured lawn. We mostly use rotary mowers these days rather than sheep, but the idea is the same. To create a rodent free barrier around the house.

Let's Recreate Your Home's Habitat

I can build a protective barrier for your property. You can still have bushes and trees in your yard to provide privacy from the road, or to screen the backyard, but such vegetation should be kept around the perimeter of the yard, not against the house.

Removing or relocating shrubs, grooming the soil for a lawn, bringing in topsoil, installing patios, and other such work necessary to reduce the likelihood of pest infestations while still providing for the wild birds is part of what we do. I can propose simple modifications or we can recreate your whole lawn. Borrowing from my expertise in wildlife and my Dad's expertise in botany, I can design a yard that is pleasant to live in, pest preventive, and low maintenance for our climate.

wildlife habitat modification - wildlife habitat management - landscape designer

Landscape Modification

Over the years I have acquired the tools necessary to do all types of landscape modification jobs on all sizes of yards.

I am particularly fond of building trails. If you would like to build hiking, riding, or scenic trails on your property, I love to take on those types of jobs. Cutting a scenic path through forest to see the beauty of the landscape and watch the wildlife.

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