Skunk Removal

The thought of having a skunk in your home will naturally terrify you and drive you into a frantic frenzy of looking for a lasting solution to the problem. Nobody likes the idea of going home to a smelly house, courtesy of a skunk that has invaded their living space. A skunk can also spray its odorous spray on your pet or worse still spread rabies. If you have a skunk in your home, give us a call for skunk removal right away.

Jack Russell Wildlife Control specializes in skunk removal and ensures that they will not return in future. We first get rid of the problematic animal and then conceal the access points to ensure that it will not come back again to terrorize you.
The stripes skunk Mephitis Mephitis or the Polecat and Spotted Skunk Spilogale gracilis, or Civet Cat are the two most common species of skunk found in Washington.

Generally, a skunk is not as destructive as other pests that invade homes like rats, squirrels and raccoons. They will rarely scratch or burrow through your walls as they use the passageways made by other animals. Normally, they enter the house in search of rats and mice to eat. They are nocturnal and only come out at night to hunt for food and sleep during the day. Skunks are omnivorous and like eating insects, rodents, fruits, eggs, poultry, fruits and vegetables. They are useful in keeping the rodent population in check when not being a bother.

Skunks use their offensive odor as a defense mechanism and emit it only when they are threatened. This odor can cause you or your pet temporary blindness for about fifteen minutes if it is sprayed when you were too close to the animal. They rarely live in the houses unless it is an abandoned house. They prefer staying under decks, porches and sheds, away from people. In fact, one of the easy ways of eliminating skunks is just to ensure that you use the house regularly because they will flee.

Skunk Removal near Galvin, WASkunk Control

Their smelly spray makes them particularly difficult to trap because no one wants to get near them and risk coming into contact with the infamous ‘perfume’. However, a professional with ample training on how to handle skunks can easily trap them and remove them from the vicinity of your home. Usually, the main goal of a professional pest control expert is not to kill them but to remove them and keep them at bay.

I have vast experience in skunk removal from places where they are unwanted. Constant exposure to their smelly sulfurous compound has also made me get accustomed to the smell. Therefore, I do not mind going to your basement or crawlspaces to investigate if they are still there and doing whatever is possible to remove and keep them away. This involves removing odor to ensure that it will not attract other skunks and reinforcing the structure to prevent them from returning. Other steps that can be taken to deter skunks from accessing the house are removing stacked wood piles, lumber, and other items that might attract them.

You do not have to contend with skunk menace in Washington when Jack Russell Wildlife Control is just in town. Contact us today and put the skunk infestation in your home under control.