Rat Control

Rats are found everywhere in the world. They are known to be a major nuisance when they invade people’s homes. These rodents have been known to cause wanton destruction to property, weaken buildings or slabs, spread diseases and parasites as well as cause food poisoning through contaminated food. Rats thrive in a wide variety of conditions and climate. They live in homes, buildings, open fields, and gardens. They go to these places in search of food, warmth, and shelter. If you’re dealing with rat problems in your home, call us right away for rat control service.

There are two major species of rats namely Norway (Rattus norvegicus) and roof (Rattus rattus) rats. Norway rats are brown in color and larger than roof rats. They are usually found beneath woodpiles or rubbish, basement, along building foundations, and in moist areas in the field or garden. They are fond of eating cereals, seeds nuts, meat, some fruits and fish and can live anywhere. Roof rats, on the other hand, will often be found nesting in higher places such as the cabinets, walls, attics and ceiling. Roof rats which are black in color are more agile and proficient climbers while Norway rats are best at swimming. Roof rats prefer eating fruits, snails, berries, and nuts, and they live in places with ocean climates. Rats are nocturnal, hence, they are most active at night.

Rat Control in WashingtonRat Removal

The best thing to do when rats invade your home is to take action as early as possible before they cause too much damage and loss. There are many signs that can help you identify whether you need rat control before the situation goes out of hand. For instance, if you notice rat droppings around your food storage areas, hear noises in the attic, see Burrows in your garden or around the home, you most likely have these uninvited guests in your homestead.

Despite their slight differences, both Norway and Roof rats can cause immeasurable damage to your home because they gnaw at the wood, plastic, and soft metal therefore, they will destroy your doors, walls, wires, and pipes. They will also excrete allover your living space and give it an off-putting smell. Thus, eliminating them requires a similar approach.

Getting rid of rats in a home is not an easy task because these rodents have natural instincts that help them to evade common pest control techniques. They have a strong sense of smell and a tendency to avoid news things in their environment making it difficult to trap or bait them. They also hide in places that are quite hard to reach and develop resistance to poisons meant to kill them over time. Therefore, you need to enlist the help of a professional who is well trained and experienced in rat elimination and prevention of future infestation.

Jack Russell Wildlife Control provides rat control services to Galvin, WA residents. I will inspect homes and use safe and efficient methods to eliminate the pests then seal off the weak areas where the rats use to access the house. The first step is normally to seal the entry points then set the traps. I do not use poison because it may endanger humans and fail to work due to resistance.
Call me today and let me help you get rid of rats and safeguard your home from future invasions.

Lawns Stop Rats

People have forgotten why lawns became a part of the standalone house. It is a development from medieval times. When people realized the plague was carried by rats, it was essential to keep rats away from your peasant domicile. The simplest way was to create a barrier between your home and the rats where predators such as foxes, hawks, owls, and even specially bred dogs called Terriers, could kill the rats before they spread their disease on sleeping humans. Rats don’t like crossing open space because of the threat from predators.

A well trimmed lawn (traditionally grazed short by sheep or goats during the day) keeps the rats away. Minimum 15 feet around the house. In the battle of rat control, lawns are your ally.