Possum Removal

The Problem of Possums

While possums might not seem like the most intimidating animals, their sharp teeth combined with their fondness for man-made spaces can make them serious nuisances and even worse.

For starters, they are scavengers, meaning that they tend to make horrible messes in their search for food. Furthermore, they are known to store uneaten food in their homes, which can create a host of health problems when it begins to rot. Finally, possums have no compunctions about leaving their excrement in their surroundings, thus creating further health problems.

With that said, it is important to note that the most common reason for possums to enter manmade spaces is because a female possum is preparing to birth her children. As a result, if you fail to act as soon as possible, you could end up with a bigger problem than you had expected.

Possum Removal near Galvin, WAPossum Control

If you have a possum problem, you could attempt possum removal on your own, but that is not a recommended course of action. After all, the sharp teeth of possums are used to eat rodents and other small animals, which is more than enough to cause serious harm to humans. Something that is particularly true if their bites happen to be carrying something that can be transmitted to humans.

Instead, you should contact us for the efficient and effective animal trapping needed to get rid of possums as soon as possible. This is particularly important because possums like to live in small, cramped spaces such as attics, basements, and between the walls, meaning that you need expertise, experience, and equipment on your side if you want the best results.

Just as importantly, we believe in the power of prevention, meaning that we will not just get rid of your possum problem but also prevent future recurrences. We know where possums like to live as well as how possums break into buildings, meaning that we can use that knowledge to seal your home against other possums searching for food as well as shelter.

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