Mouse Control

It is a well-known fact that house mice damage property, spread disease, and contaminate your food. Once they gain entry to your home, they can also introduce a slew of parasites like fleas and ticks. If you’re wondering if you need mouse control in your home or business, there are a few telltale signs that you might have a problem. It’s important to understand that mice are extraordinarily sneaky, so you will most likely experience these things before you see an actual mouse.

  • Droppings. Usually found concentrated in one particular area, many mice can drop several pallets per night. They resemble a large grain of brown rice. A flag that you may have an infestation is droppings around food and water sources.
  • Rub marks on your walls. Mice have relatively poor eyesight, requiring them to rub along your walls to orient themselves. Their dirty bodies leave dark marks and smudges on objects and surfaces that they brush on.
  • Scratching noises. If you have floorboards, then you might hear the pitter patter of running mice. Usually a sign of advanced infestation, you may hear scratching and grinding noise. The grinding noise that they make with their teeth called bruxing.

The Economic Effects of House Mice

Mice are one of the major contributors to crop, electrical, and structural damage to the modern home. With teeth that do not stop growing throughout their lives, mice are always gnawing through power lines and spreading contagious diseases that can plague your household. Being able to crawl through small pipes and slip into hard to reach places, mice can also cause short-circuiting and sparking that can create fires. The diseases that the house mice carries also is transmittable to your house pets and family members. Salmonella and tapeworm are highly transmittable and tend to stem from rodents. Not only can the bite of a mice be particularly dangerous, but the urine, saliva, and droppings of mice are highly infectious. If you need mouse control, then our professional solutions will eradicate current populations, as well as help prevent another outbreak.

Mouse Control or Mice Control in WashingtonProfessional Mouse Control Service

One of the most efficient and permanent methods of mouse removal is to eliminate all openings that they use to enter and exit your home. All places where food is stored or used should be mouse proof. Food should be kept in metal or glass jars with heavy lids. We use professional patch materials to prevent mice from pulling out or chewing through our applications. For holes that require circulation, metal screens can be used to plug holes. For the best mice control results, any opening larger than one-fourth of an inch will be sealed.