Bat Removal

Bats inhabit different places throughout the world – but they do not belong in your home. Infestations can be a health hazard, a nuisance, and can even threaten the structural integrity of your attic. If you believe you have a bat infestation, it is imperative to call a bat removal specialist like Jack Russell Wildlife Control right away. Here are some tips to help you identify the signs of a possible bat infestation:

  • Milky urine stains near windows. You may also find stains on your attic floor.
  • Noises like scratching and crawling at night. If you hear squeaking around dusk and dawn, then you may have a serious infestation
  • One of the telltale signs is the accumulation of guano. Resembling rodent droppings, guano tend to cluster in large piles, as swarms of bats tend to stay close to each other to conserve heat. This causes bat droppings to accumulate in certain areas in your attic. Sometimes the guano has a shiny, almost speckled appearance.

What Kind of Damage Can Bats Cause? Lone bats tend to not be a problem. They are most likely disoriented, and will usually find their way out. However, colonies can cause real problems. Colonies tend to multiply year-by-year, so a small colony in your attic can easily grow to a formidable one. This can cause problems due to the weight of guano buildup causing pressure on the attic’s floor. Over many months, the weight of the guano can even cause structural damage that will be costly to repair or replace.

The strong unpleasant smell resulting from droppings can permeate throughout your home. This causes a health hazard, as insects and scavengers tend to take fondly to the high nutrition content of guano. The guano is also the carrier of Histoplasma capsulatum. This fungus can cause pneumonia, chills, fever, and chest pains. The elderly, young, and those with compromised immune systems are particularly at risk of histoplasmosis. There is also the danger of bats transmitting rabies from bites. Even though incidents are slim, it is still possible to be bitten by a bat infected with rabies.

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“I Think I Have a Bat Infestation, What Do I Do?”
If you hear, smell, or observe accumulating guano in your attic, then it is important to contact a professional bat removal service that will be able to identify entry points, extract current colonies, and also remove the accumulation of guano.

A professional bat removal service will be able to detect urine, guano, or dirt stains to pinpoint an entry point. A bat control service provider will be able to identify potential gaps in a structure that allow bats to squeeze through. Bats do not have calcified bones like most mammals, allowing them to be extraordinarily flexible. We recommend replacing a concrete, metal roof with one that is made out of an asphalt composition. Asphalt roofs are highly insulating as well as fare well against external elements. Certain roofs, like metal roofs, have the unique property of expanding and contracting due to ambient temperatures. Over time, this causes holes and cracks to appear. We can remove current bat colonies that may be infesting your attic, but bats will come back if the roof keeps creating new entry points.

Once we have detected peripheral holes, we will create a one-way entry point on the primary entrance. This allows bats to get out but not come back in. This is an ethical, yet effective way of removing the bulk of the colony. Once the colony has been removed, we will close off all access points permanently. Call Jack Russell Wildlife Control today for effective bat removal services.