Differentiating me from my COMPETITION

It’s been a while since my last blog post, and I’m sorry about that.  I’ve been very busy.  We never really had a winter slow down this year since the weather was so mild. Wildlife Control In any case, with the huge number of wildlife control jobs available, I am seeing a lot of competitors…

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Dozens of Raccoons

Part of the biggest problem I have maintaining this site is the fact that I am so busy this time of year.   I have done literally dozens of raccoon jobs this spring.  Extracting raccoon nests with mother’s and kits from houses. While there are several different methods I might use to extract the animals, the…

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Spring Rush!

With the warm weather we’ve had so far this month, I expect to get very busy very soon. Although things are cooler and wetter now, I don’t expect the cool will last long.  Spring is here, and warm weather will be more frequent. That means more animals of all kinds getting active nesting.  I have…

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First Raccoon Babies of Spring

Well, the season has arrived.  Raccoons are having their young.  I have been to my first job with young this year.It was a pretty standard operation with the mother having found a gap in the corner where a dormer met the main roof and entering the attic. I went in with my catch pole and…

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Swallow Stains

Barn, Mud, and Cliff Swallows (Hirundo rustica) are all of the same species but there are 5 different subspecies.  Regardless of what subspecies they belong to, Swallows are protected by the Federal Migratory Bird act, and thus, nuisance and damage related issues regarding them must be carefully managed. The most common form of nuisance problem…

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Smelly Skunks

There are actually two species of skunk here in Washington.  The More common Striped Skunk, Mephitis Mephitis, sometimes called a Polecat, is one of the most easily recognized species in North America.  The less common Spotted skunk, Spilogale gracilis, is much smaller and is sometimes called a Civet cat. Most people are afraid of skunks because of…

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Starling Swarms

Jack Russell Wildlife Control - Starling Removal

Ah, Starlings.  I remember as a young lad, when I got my first BB gun, my dad said, “Now don’t let me catch you shooting any birds… Except the Starlings.  You can shoot as many of those as you like.” Growing up on the farm, starlings Regularly decimated our crops.  A murmuration of Starlings can…

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Squirrel Solutions

Jack Russell Wildlife Control - Squirrel Removal

Squirrels can be among the more difficult animals to deal with because they can chew through a 2×6, and can climb almost anywhere. That’s why you need a professional to handle your squirrel removal. I have dealt with 3 different species of squirrel infestations of buildings in Western Washington. Squirrel control is a speciality of…

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Otter Offal

Jack Russell Wildlife Control - Otter Removal

River Otters, Lontra canadensis, are one of the Northwests  most aggressive invaders. When they enter a home, they do extensive damage to insulation, heating ducts, plumbing, and electrical wires. They also bring their odors with them.  Not only do Otters have a very strong musk that otters use to mark territory and attract mates, they also…

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Opossum Occupation

Jack Russell Wildlife Control - Opossum Removal

Opossum, Didelphis Virginiana, is not only a common invader of crawlspaces, attics, sheds, and garages, it is also an invader to Washington State.  Originally not found anywhere west of the Mississippi River, Opossums were introduced to California in the 1850’s during the San Francisco Gold Rush as a source of food for the miners.  They…

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