Swallow Stains

Barn, Mud, and Cliff Swallows (Hirundo rustica) are all of the same species but there are 5 different subspecies.  Regardless of what subspecies they belong to, Swallows are protected by the Federal Migratory Bird act, and thus, nuisance and damage related issues regarding them must be carefully managed.

The most common form of nuisance problem is simply the nesting of the birds.  They will nest in protected alcoves and ledges on all types of structures, wood, brick, stone, concrete, etc.  The nesting itself can be troublesome as the mud and straw used to make the nests can both deteriorate the background material, as well as create extra weight on structural components not designed for it.  The nests and the related droppings that accumulate around the nests are also aesthetically problematic and can detract from pleasant structural appearance.  On an old barn, that usually isn’t a concern, but on a restaurant or social club, such stains can create a serious business risk.

The easiest way to eliminate swallow problems is to eliminate the ledges they will use to build their nests.  Despite common myth, swallows can’t adhere their nests to anything.  They need rough surfaces and inside corners, or small ledges.  Even a 1/4″ ledge is enough to hold a nest, so every ledge and rough inside corner needs to be eliminated.  Once eggs have been laid, Federal law requires that no nest mitigation can be done until the young are fully developed.  The best time to do swallow work is the early spring before eggs are laid.

Because the needs of each building are different, I need to do an onsite assessment of the structure to give accurate advice as to the best solution that will eliminate the ability of the birds to nest as well as maintain the appearance of the structure.

Repel the invaders that scale your walls!  Your home is your castle, and I will make it a fortress!

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