Starling Swarms

Hitchcock's "The Birds"

Starlings invading a garden, and decimating the seeds

Ah, Starlings.  I remember as a young lad, when I got my first BB gun, my dad said, “Now don’t let me catch you shooting any birds… Except the Starlings.  You can shoot as many of those as you like.”

Growing up on the farm, starlings Regularly decimated our crops.  A murmuration of Starlings can descend upon a grain field, or cherry orchard, or vegetable patch and destroy half the production in a matter of minutes.  They’re almost as bad as locusts, though fortunately we don’t have locusts like that here in Western Washington.

Starlings are native to Europe.  The first 100 Starlings in the US were introduced to Manhattan’s Central Park in the 1890’s by the Shakespeare Society of New York so that “American’s can enjoy the splendor of all the birds mentioned in Shakespeare’s Works.”  Every one of the some 100 million starlings in the USA today is descended from those original birds.  If only we had a time machine…

There’s not much I can do about the decimation of crops, but I can keep starlings out of your house.  They typically nest in the vent holes under your eaves, and the exhaust vents for your dryer, bathroom, and oven vents.  There are other places they may nest, but those are the most common.

I solve this problem by reinforcing the screening on your vents and blocking sheltered cubbies on your home to eliminate their nesting sites.

Removal of the adult birds is usually a simple procedure of shooing them out as I do the reinforcements.  Removal of the young can sometimes be more challenging and may involve cutting into protected spaces.

Your Home is Your Castle, and I will Make it a Fortress to keep these birds, and any other animal vermin from getting in.

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