Spring Rush!

With the warm weather we’ve had so far this month, I expect to get very busy very soon.

Although things are cooler and wetter now, I don’t expect the cool will last long.  Spring is here, and warm weather will be more frequent.

That means more animals of all kinds getting active nesting.  I have already been busy with Starlings, Raccoons, Rats, Otters, and Squirrels this spring, but the rush hasn’t quite arrived.  The early nesters are getting busy, but the bulk of the activity is yet to come.

Get ready for raccoon kits and starling hatchlings any time now.  They are usually the first to get loud and destructive each spring.  Rats breed year round, so the only difference for them means that more of the young will survive.  Squirrels are usually a bit later.  I won’t expect many squirrel babies until June.

The hardest part for me this time of year is keeping up with demand, and prioritizing jobs.  If you are having problems, you should make an appointment as soon as possible.  I’m only booked a week out right now, but by mid May, I will be over 3 weeks out.

Thanks for reading!