Here are some of the services I provide that I am better at than any other Wildlife Control Service I know.

1: Building Solid, mouse and bat tight, and otter strong crawlspace access doors.

2: Pest proofing your home.

3: Reinforced mouse and bat tight, and otter strong vent screens

4: Finding the holes that are letting pests in.

5: Finding dead animals in crawlspaces or attics. (with Help from Clifford, my real terrier sidekick as needed)

6: 5 year guarantee on all repairs and reinforcements.

Odd and Unusual Animal Control Services

Most people would think that ALL of my jobs are odd and unusual, and that is probably true.  For me, however, the jobs I find odd and unusual are those that aren’t directly related to solving a problem with animals invading structures.

DOMESTIC and WILD ANIMAL CARCASS REMOVAL.  Did your beloved goat, great dane, or alpaca pass away?  Did a deer die in your hedge row?  I can help provide a permanent grave for them.  Pickup and delivery to Jack Russell’s secluded permanent resting place in my forested private wilderness.  For luxury services such as a marked grave, monument, or funeral service, please ask for details. (Limit 250 lbs)

PET RESCUES.  Is your cat up a tree?  Did your dog fall down a well?  I can get them out.  Climbing, Rappelling, Crawling, and Animal Handling are regular parts of my daily routine, so helping fluffy (who is usually much nicer than an average raccoon) is really no trouble at all.

TRACKING, DETECTIVE SERVICES. This is a little too broad of a category to give easy examples.  Just ask, and I’ll let you know if it’s within my capabilities.

FECAL CLEANUP.  Actually, this is really part of my regular services with crawlspace clean outs.  Cleaning raccoon or dog poop out of your yard is actually much easier than cleaning it out of your crawlspace, so yes, I can clean up poop.  I can also sanitize the area to make it disease free.

PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN.  Just kidding, although I will eliminate your rats, I will not run off with your children.  I have two of my own, and that is quite enough, thank you!