Smelly Skunks

There are actually two species of skunk here in Washington.  The More common Striped Skunk, Mephitis Mephitis, sometimes called a Polecat, is one of the most easily recognized species in North America.  The less common Spotted skunk, Spilogale gracilis, is much smaller and is sometimes called a Civet cat.

Most people are afraid of skunks because of their odorific spray.  Their spray contains a thick oily base that sticks to things and can last several weeks.  As the oil breaks down, it releases the scent chemicals.  The scent oil is actually highly valuable as it is used as a base for many expensive French perfumes.

In terms of nuisance problems, most skunk issues are because of the smell which can be overpowering.  Literally driving people out of their homes.  Skunks rarely damage crawlspaces or other structures, but more often will enter a structure looking for mice and rats to eat.  They are fairly effective predators of small rodents.  If startled, they will emit their spray which can cause a lasting deterrent.  In the rare occasion when a skunk does decide to occupy a structure like a shed, or house, it is usually because the structure is rarely used.  Skunks are shy and don’t like people stomping around on the floors above them.  Regular use is often all that is needed to end the occupation.  Still, to keep animals from moving back in, elimination of the odor to avoid attracting other skunks, and fortifying the structure to prevent reoccupation is necessary. We provide both skunk removal and re-entry prevention.

I personally don’t mind skunk odor.  I have smelled it so often that it is no longer overpowering, and I can smell the sweet flowery undertones that are so popular in perfume.  I liken it to fine whiskey.  A novice drinker will be unable to tell the difference between one whiskey and another because they are overpowered by the high alcohol content.  Once you develop tolerance to the alcohol, you can detect the flavor of the mash and seasoning barrels used to make the difference between quality scotch, and cheap rotgut.  Maybe I really was born for this job.

In any case, I don’t have any trouble going underneath and checking your crawlspace to see if the skunk is still there and what needs to be done to evict it if necessary.

Remember, though, the most important thing is keeping it from happening again.  Your home is your castle, and I can make it a fortress.

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