Shelton, WA

Shelton, WA Wildlife Control ServiceShelton, WA is the western most city on Puget Sound in Mason County, Washington. Shelton has a population of 9,834, ranking it 161 out of approximately 500 municipalities in Washington. Shelton is also the only city in the state of Washington that still retains a commission form of government, instead of being represented by a Mayor. The way a commission government works is townsfolk elect a small commission, usually around 5 to 7 members (the commissions can be as small as three, or as large as 10) that are assigned duties of Mayor would normally handle. This commission access the legislative body of the city, each member is usually assigned a specific aspect of municipal affairs such as public works or public safety.

Shelton was incorporated in 1890 and gets its name from David Shelton. Shelton was once served by a small fleet of steamboats which made a part of the Puget Sound Mosquito Fleet and included Old Settler, Irene,Willie, City of Shelton, Marian, Clara Brown, and S.G. Simpson. Shelton’s economy was based around logging, farming, dairying and ranching, as well as oyster cultivation. It was so reliant on logging that the landscape of Shelton is still dominated by the Simpson Timber Company. Due to all of the trees for logging, the city of Shelton proclaims itself as the “Christmas tree capital.” Simpson Timber Company is owned by Simpson Investment Company was originally founded as a logging company in 1890 by Sol Simpson. It acts as a holding company for its two subsidiaries Simpson Lumber Company, in Shelton, and Simpson Door Company, in Tacoma.

Some of the famous residents or sons of Sheldon include athlete Desmond Dalworth Koch who won a bronze medal in this case in 1956, as well as film and television actor Jerry Lambert. Come see the historic logging city of Shelton, WA!