Raymond, WA

Raymond, WA Wildlife Control ServiceRaymond, WA is a quaint town off of State Route 101 and State Route 6. From the Willapa Hills to the Willapa Bay there is a lot to see in Raymond. Located in Pacific County, Raymond has a population of 2,882 and has an economy based around logging and fishing with very limited amounts of tourism.

Raymond was incorporated on August 6, 1907 and named after LB Raymond, the first postmaster of the city. In the city’s earliest years, the business section of town was built on stilts 5 to 6 feet above the tidelands and elevated sidewalks connected most of the buildings.

Lyricist Robert Wells who penned “The Christmas Song” with Mel Torme, was born there in 1922. Raymond is also home to grunge band Nirvana’s first gig on March 7, 1987. Raymond also provides access to the beautiful Willapa Hills to the Willapa Bay. The Hills are bound by the Pacific ocean to the west and the Columbia River to the south with the Olympic Mountains at its North and cascade range on its east the hills provide absolute picturesque scenery that just begs to be indulged in. The highest point is Boistfort Peak at 3,087-feet above sea level. The Hills are the lowest uplands in the entire Pacific Coast Range system and almost all of the land is privately held and has been logged. So much so, that there are only a few long corners remaining with virgin forests, and Alders less than 20 years old are harvested for pulp mills.

Raymond is home to the Raymond Theatre, she’s just one of the three buildings in the city listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The other notable buildings are the city’s library and its post office. If you’re seeking a quiet peaceful town, Raymond, WA may be worth a visit sometime.