Pierce County, WA

Pierce County, WA

Pierce County, WA is one of the counties in the United States of Washington which has a population of 795,225 according to the 2010 census. This makes it as the second-most populous county in Washington following King County.


The population of Pierce County is 300,623. Mainly, it is composed with 70% white, 7% Black, and 6% Asian. Two percent was identified as another race, 9% of the residents are Latino or Hispanic, and 10% of the residents are foreign-born. The median age are 35.8, and at the same time the biggest number of the residents falls to 25 to 34 ranges of age. Twenty five percent of the total residents are under the age of 18, whereas 11% are above 65, and 50% of the population of Pierce County, WA are male.

The largest city and the county seat is Tacoma. Pierce County is said to be notable for being the home of the tallest mountain and volcano known as Cascade Range. The volcano’s most recent recorded eruptions were in the middle of the year 1820 and 1854. However, there is no forthcoming danger of eruption, but some geologist tells that the volcano will sooner or later erupt again.

The First Settlers

The first settlers of the Pierce County, WA were the ancestors of the present’s Puyallup, Nisqually, Squaxin, Muckleshoot and Steilacoom Indians. Such tribes were able to settled the area for thousands of years, wherein the lakes, saltwater and rives made for enough selection of food.

The History of Pierce County

On December 22, 1853, the Territorial Legislature of Oregon decided to extend Thurston County from Olympia to the Canadian border as well from Cascades to the Pacific Ocean. In this manner, the legislature distributed of it King Jefferson and Pierce County. It is also passed laws picking the first county offices and situated the county seat at the Steilacoom that was picked hugely since it was the only town within Washington its own jail. In addition, the Board of County Commissioners includes William P. Dougherty, Thomas Chambers as well as Alexander Smith. John M. Chapman and John Bradley were appointed as probate clerks.

Commencement City

Matthew McCarver founded Tacoma in 1872. He provides the city its initial name – Commencement City. During 1872, Tacoma included two stores, lumber mill, a saloon, a jail, a hotel and blacksmith as well as around 100 locals. His personal secretary, Clinton P. Ferry like to be referred it as “The Duke of Tacoma” was able to assist the first museum of the region. Along with his artistic and creative donations were two maiden securing the Division Avenue way in Wright Park that could be still observe today.

From 1950’s up to now, Pierce County, WA as well as its incorporated cities continued to grow and develop through good times and even bad. In addition, the past has provided them a rich foundation. At the same time, the future never seemed to look better for the amazing Pierce County.