Pacific County, WA

Pacific County, WA

Pacific County is situated in the United States of Washington, which has a population of 20,920 (according to 2010 census). The county’s seat is South End and Raymond is the biggest city. Pacific County, WA was developed by the government of the Oregon Territory on the 4th of February, 1851 and at the same time given the name Pacific Ocean. The Chehalis and Chinook tribes inhabited the area, and discovered their amount greatly lessened by the disease given by Europeans.

The not corporate community of Osyterville, founded in 1852 was the real county seat until the time of late 19th century when the time it was changed to South Bend. This county is centered on the Willapa Bay which is a region that presents 25% of the oyster in the US.

Local Economy

A number of early inhabitants arrived through a shipwreck due to the failure in plotting a route the estuary at the entrance of Columbia. The Hudson Bay Company were able to attract fur trapper who was settling the area. In addition, the 1845 California Gold Rush was able to make a housing boon located in San Francisco that launched markets for oysters, timbers, mainstays of Pacific County, WA.

On the other hand, Willapa Bay in the county is the largest farmed shellfish manufacturer in the nation. Forest products, cranberry bogs, dairy and manufacturing farms are also essential to the counties industrial mix. Furthermore, tourism is also one of the vital features of the economy of the county. Throughout 2014, 25.8% of the earned income arrives from the local residents who are working outside the county.


The population of the Pacific County, WA is significantly older compared to the other states within the country, as proofed by the percentage of the 65 and older groups. The county has less diverse compare to the state when it comes to the ethnicity and race, along with around 89% of white, and almost 1.0% black. Only Alaskan Natives as well as American Indians are more usual here than any other state.


The growth of nonfarm in Pacific County, WA progressively declined from 2006, until a slow turnaround starting 2012. Especially, hard has been the only goods manufacturing sector, containing the construction and manufacturing. Each industry has refused from their 2006 levels aside from the financial and information activities that added around 100 jobs. It might take more years for the economy to recover fully from such job losses provided the previous growth rates.

Unemployment and labor force

The unemployment within Pacific County, WA remained in on its two digits on the first two month last year, falling to 8.4% in November. Year after year, it has still developed each month starting February 2015. On the other hand, the rate on November 2014 was 10.4%. The average rate yearly for the first 11 months last year is 8.7% compare to the similar period on 2014 at 10.0%.

On the contrary, the civilian labor force within the county widened by 259 in the year ending of November 2015, however still keep well under that of 2009. The figures of unemployed citizens fall by 88 in the same time.