Mason County, WA

Mason County, WA

Of all places in Washington, Mason County must be one of the most visited. Not only because the county is attractive has itself, the county offered great opportunities for tourists either for enjoyment or employment.

Mason County is popular in the entire state of Washington because of its geographic features. It composes of several islands, mountains, coves and lakes that surround this not so big county. Among the many geographical assets of the region, the destinations that stood out are Totten Inlet, Olympic Mountains, Harstine Island, Brown Cove, Hood Canal, Mason Lake, Lake Cushman, Squaxin Island and a lot more. Because of the refreshing aura of this county, many are attracted to the place and experience the best of what nature can bring.

Originally, Mason County wouldn’t be as popular as it is right now without its historical background. The name Mason was actually established after Sawamish County. The region extends its geographical territory to the Pacific Ocean. Indigenous tribes who first settled the county include Coast Salish. Most of the tribes or native populations were decimated after they get in contact with Europeans who brought the disease in 1700s. Then in the late 1840s, American settlers started farming and that was the start of the growth and progress of civilization in the said nation.

Local Economy

If we are to tackle the economy of Mason County, you would say that it doesn’t make a big difference as compared to other counties in Washington. Forest or wood products are one of the largest industries in the region. The forest industry even expanded greatly especially when the railroads were fully developed giving way to a more convenient trading. There are numerous mills that are being fed by this industry.

Just like any other regions, Mason County also went through a serious economic crisis particularly when there had a terminus for creating the transcontinental railroad. It greatly affected the economy of the county and created panic to each resident. But when Sol Simpson created the Simpson Logging Company, Mason locals was revived again. The company has become one of the largest employer in Washington.


In terms of employment, there are a lot to expect with Mason County. As of the previous year, the county had recorded more or less 15,000 jobs that is significantly greater than 2014. The increase was mainly because of the flourishing industries that created a big impact on the economy of the region. Large industries had become more influential; as a result, they were able to provide more job opportunities for Mason locals. The effect on the rise of the employment rate also influenced the development of new traded and transportation utilities. Aside from that, the manufacturing industry also flourished greatly more than the expected increase rate. To sum up, the employment rate in Mason County WA had significantly increased as large industries were able to help in lifting the economy.

Mason County remains consistent in providing job opportunities to each local. As support to each household, the government continues to offer livelihood facilities for greater progress.