Gray Harbor County, WA

Gray Harbor County, WA

Gray Harbor County is one of the flourishing counties in Washington that is progressively getting ahead of other counties in US. Recently, in the 2010 census, Gray Harbor County locals are approximately 72,796. As the number of population increases each year, the county is developing for numerous opportunities for the residents to improve their lives individually. Aberdeen is the largest city in Gray Harbor that serves as the center of industrialization in the county.

Originally, the county was named Chehalis County and later on, it was turned to Thurston County in 1854. The name Gray Harbor County was derived after the Washington Legislature decided to call the county by that name in June 9, 1915. The change in the name has eliminated the confusion since Chehalis was actually in Lewis County.

Basically, Gray Harbor is a democratic nation and the government maintains this political status until now. This republican nation was carried out by several presidents who made their own contribution for the progress of the region. The county is an essential member of the Washington’s 6th Congressional District that involves a partisan index. Gray Harbor is represented by specific individuals in the Washington State Senate wherein all of them are in the Democratic Party.

When it comes to the county’s economy, the major economic activities are seafood processing, manufacturing, food processing and packaging and wood products. Fish is one of the major sources of household income in Gray Harbor since the place is surrounded by numerous rivers and lakes such as Chehalis River, Quinault River, Wynoochee Lake, Failor Lake, Satsop River and many more. The economy of Gray Harbor is consistently rising as there are newly developed way of processing food. Gray Harbor locals have numerous source of income because the region is abundant of reserved natural resources that will serve their food on the table.

The county is also known of wood products because this democratic region is persistent in conserving their national protected forests. The place reserves 6 beautiful forests and wildlife as it endeavors to create a stable economy for its locals. Some of the national protected areas in Gray Harbor are Colonel Bob Wilderness, Olympic National Park, Chehalis Indian Reservation, Copalis National Wildlife Refuge and Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge.

Once you visit this nation, you will be overwhelmed to see how the locals value their natural resources. Most activities that you can enjoy in Gray Harbor are water activities and recreation. You will have a great experience of the nature as you tour yourself to the lakes, streams, rivers, canals and many more. There are approximately 50 miles to walk in pristine beaches in Gray Harbor. To say, tourism is significantly progressive in this region because tourists have a lot to explore in the county – from beautiful beaches to nature adventures.

Currently, Gray Harbor is successful in terms of tourism and economy. Although it had experienced a severe recession before, it went up by himself to pursue an industrialized region in Washington. This democratic county reserves a lot for tourists.