Rat Resistance

RATS.  A Jack Russell Favorite because Jack Russell Terriers were actually bred in the 1700’s by an English Clergyman, Parson John “Jack” Russell, as Rat Hunters.

Rats are probably the world’s most well known pest.  Known for everything from the plagues that decimated Europe and Asia, and for the devastation of island ecosystems, they have followed humans to every land mass on the planet.  There are two main species of Rats.  Rattus Rattus, also known as the Asian Rat, the Black rat, and the Roof Rat. And Rattus Norvegicus, also known as the Norway Rat, the Brown Rat, the Sewer Rat, and the Wharf Rat.  Despite their names, there is very little to actually distinguish these two species in pest situations.  They both can vary dramatically in color from white to black to brown and all shades between.  They both can climb.  They both can jump.  They both can swim.  So, for all effective purposes regarding pest control, they should be managed the same.  They can destroy your attic and crawlspace.  Dismantling Heating ducts, Trashing Insulation, Chewing on pipes and wires, and defecating everywhere.

Rats are colonial, and very prolific breeders.  Therefore, trapping or poisoning them is pointless since they can breed faster than you can kill them.    I do not use any poisons at all.    Not only do I consider poisons inhumane, they are also likely to result in animals dying in your walls.  Additionally, rats adapt quickly, and will develop resistance to poisons over time.  Warfarin was the rat poision of choice 50 years ago, but nobody uses it any more because almost all rats worldwide are warfarin resistant.

Your Home is Your Castle, I can Make it a Fortress.  I  focus on making your home pest proof.  I will find all the weak spots on your home that allow Rats and other animals to get inside.  Then, I will fix those access points.

Once your house is completely secured so the neighborhood colony can’t get in, we can address the animals that are still inside.  The resident animals can’t get out.  If they want to eat, they have to go to my traps. 

After trapping efforts are completed, making sure that no animals remain inside, we can finish by restoring the places the rats damaged.

If you are ready for a permanent rat control solution, call:

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