Raccoon Raiders

Raccoon, Procyon Lotor, is arguably the most intelligent animal in North America, and thus makes a very challenging nuisance to deal with.  They also are one of the most prolific pests in North America, causing more problems and spreading more diseases than almost any other species.

The most important thing to remember about Raccoons is that they have individual personalities as diverse as humans.  This makes blanket statements about behavior and pest status overly simplistic.  I often am called from people concerned about seeing raccoons in their neighborhood, afraid for their pets or children, because they’ve seen news programs about dangerous raccoons on TV.  That’s kind of like calling the police every time you see a stranger walking down the sidewalk.  Not every stranger is a thug aiming to break into your home, vandalize your property, and attack your loved ones.

Since it is perfectly normal for raccoons to forage for bugs in your lawn, travel the neighborhood at any hour in search of food, and hang out in trees, there’s really no need to be concerned about seeing Raccoons doing those things.

Things you do need to be concerned about: Raccoons eating pet food and garbage, because raccoons used to getting handouts often become aggressive;  Raccoons hanging out on porches and knocking on windows, because this is the aggressive behavior that follows regular handouts when their old supply dries up, or their population grows beyond what the old handout provides; Several Adult Raccoons traveling together, because such groups are always the result of a human fed multi-generation family which are highly likely to assault humans and their pets in their quest for food; and Raccoons climbing on roofs or under buildings, because this is usually a sign that you have a raccoon squatter living in your house.

The focus on Solving raccoon problems should always be on prevention.  If you have someone in your neighborhood who is leaving pet food outside, or has unsecured garbage cans you should encourage them to remove those raccoon attractions.  Raccoons invading structures is best resolved by securing the building which I can do to any building, or If you already have a raccoon living in your attic or crawlspace, I can help.  In situations where a Raccoon has already gotten into your house, damaging insulation and heating ducts, tearing out screens, and stinking up the place, First we need to get those pesky varmints out.

The methods I use for Raccoon Removal vary from situation to situation, sometimes involving catch cable poles, sometimes trap cages, sometimes just a thick pair of gloves.  Regardless of how I Remove the raccoons, to make sure the problem doesn’t happen again requires that we fix your house.

Your Home is Your Castle, I can Make it a Fortress.  I will identify all the weak points on your house that animals like Raccoons can use to enter your home, and I can reinforce the building to guarantee no animals will get in.

When the Animals are gone, and the house is secure, I can clean up the mess and repair the damage they left inside.

If you are ready to make raccoon issues a thing of the past, Call me today! Raccoon Removal is my specialty.

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