First Raccoon Babies of Spring

Well, the season has arrived.  Raccoons are having their young.  I have been to my first job with young this year.It was a pretty standard operation with the mother having found a gap in the corner where a dormer met the main roof and entering the attic.

I went in with my catch pole and was able to get her cornered and capture her and extract her.  Once she was in a cage, I went back in to retrieve her 4 young which still had their eyes closed.  I took them out and got the whole group, mother and young into one cage while I secured the gaps at the dormer corners with heavy duty treated plywood.  Once the gaps were secure, I released the mother and young on-site according to my client’s request into an old dog house/kennel so that when night fell, the mother could move her nest to a new place.  I prefer to remove the animals from the site, but my client, in her interest in the animals, wanted to risk re-entry as the entire house had not been heavily secured.

There was a mother and four young in this group.

If you are having problems with a raccoon nesting in your attic or crawlspace, give me a call.  I can usually remove them in my first visit.