Dozens of Raccoons

Part of the biggest problem I have maintaining this site is the fact that I am so busy this time of year.   I have done literally dozens of raccoon jobs this spring.  Extracting raccoon nests with mother’s and kits from houses.

While there are several different methods I might use to extract the animals, the most common method is a single trip active eviction.

Basically, I start by finding the mother’s primary access point.  I set a double door cage over that access point so that it will look like she can just run right out.  I then go around and make sure that any secondary access points are all secured so she will not be able to go around me.

Finally, I go down inside the attic or crawlspace and look for the nest.  This is the part where most people assume I must be crazy.

Once I’ve found the nest and have assessed the age and development of the young, I will decide if I need any special tools.  Basically, if the pups are only a few weeks old and not very mobile, or if they are asleep, I will leave them alone while I chase the mother out of the nesting area and into the waiting cage trap.  Then I will go back to the nest and retrieve the cubs and bring them out.  If the kits are mobile and awake, I will have to contain them first so they don’t hide from me somewhere I can’t get into.  I usually put them in a bucket with a perforated lid with momma looking on growling before I chase her out.  Then I can go back and get the bucket and viola! I am done with the eviction.

Once the animals are out, I can go forward with inspecting the house for additional weak areas, access points, damage, and other repairs that I can recommend to prevent raccoons and other vertebrate pests from rats, mice, and squirrels to starlings, bats, and opossums from ever causing a problem at that house again.

My goal is that when I am done fixing your home into a fortress, you will never need my services again.  When people tell me, “Thank you for your service, but I hope I never need you again”, I take it as a compliment, and ask them only to remember me if their friends or neighbors have similar issues.

Tomorrow I will be doing a rat job way out in Ocean Shores.  Since I’ll be out there, I figure it will be a good time to do some fishing on the harbor the same day.  Wish me luck!