Fortifying Your house, top to bottom.

I am often asked whether I can keep the animals from coming back, and the answer is YES! Although I can’t possibly detail every possible fortification that houses may need, I will cover the most common.  Starting high, and going low. The CHIMNEY… A lot of homes have chimneys that for whatever reason do not…

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Dozens of Raccoons

Part of the biggest problem I have maintaining this site is the fact that I am so busy this time of year.   I have done literally dozens of raccoon jobs this spring.  Extracting raccoon nests with mother’s and kits from houses. While there are several different methods I might use to extract the animals, the…

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Fun at the Harbor

Sleeping Seal Pup

Clams, Seals, Eagles, Crabs, and Oysters. Well, I was trying to take a family day today, and I would have gotten away with it to, if it hadn’t been for that meddling Possum. We headed out early to Grayland for a rare -1.2 spring tide daylight clam dig.  It took a little over an hour,…

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