Bird Control in Aberdeen, WA

Bird Control in Washington

Have wild birds invaded YOUR home? Birds like Starlings can carry disease and will cause damage to your property. At Jack Russell Wildlife Control, we remove those pesky birds and seal up your home to prevent future bird invasions. If you’re in need of bird control in Aberdeen, Washington, don’t hesitate to contact the bird…

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Fortifying Your house, top to bottom.

I am often asked whether I can keep the animals from coming back, and the answer is YES! Although I can’t possibly detail every possible fortification that houses may need, I will cover the most common.  Starting high, and going low. The CHIMNEY… A lot of homes have chimneys that for whatever reason do not…

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Spring Rush!

With the warm weather we’ve had so far this month, I expect to get very busy very soon. Although things are cooler and wetter now, I don’t expect the cool will last long.  Spring is here, and warm weather will be more frequent. That means more animals of all kinds getting active nesting.  I have…

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Swallow Stains

Barn, Mud, and Cliff Swallows (Hirundo rustica) are all of the same species but there are 5 different subspecies.  Regardless of what subspecies they belong to, Swallows are protected by the Federal Migratory Bird act, and thus, nuisance and damage related issues regarding them must be carefully managed. The most common form of nuisance problem…

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Starling Swarms

Jack Russell Wildlife Control - Starling Removal

Ah, Starlings.  I remember as a young lad, when I got my first BB gun, my dad said, “Now don’t let me catch you shooting any birds… Except the Starlings.  You can shoot as many of those as you like.” Growing up on the farm, starlings Regularly decimated our crops.  A murmuration of Starlings can…

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