Blog Post #1 Feb 13, 2014. This whole Web building thing is new to me.

Here I am, learning how to use my webpage.   As I write this blog post, I’m not even sure if what I write will actually show up anywhere on the website visible to regular viewers.

As you the reader can see by the multiple “Under Construction” labels on the page, you know I’m still putting things together.  I’ve had a lot of help along they way, and would like to give a shout out to Michael Doran of Atlas Marketing Solutions, who has really gone out of his way to coach me when I get stuck.  He’s also primarily responsible for you finding this page, so if you are reading this, you probably got here by following one of his inbound links he built for me.  SEO FTW!

I had a busy week this week.  First in over a month.  January and early February were exceptionally slow this year.  I don’t think it’s been this slow since 2007 when the housing market crashed.  I’m not sure why.

I did two big exclusion jobs this week.  One in Chehalis for packrats, and another in Olympia for Squirrels, and several new inspections and trap set ups.  The Pack rat in Chehalis is a sneaky bugger.  Not only did he have two major access points in the usual places, crawlspace doors and Crawlspace vents.  He also had dug a tunnel under a concrete slab hidden by some arbor vitae shrubs.  Clever little bugger.

My brother, Tommy, has shown interest in coming on board as a partner, rather than just a part time helper.  We’ll see how things look in the summer.

Well, hopefully this will post.  The next thing will be figuring out how to link it to my Facebook and Twitter Accounts.